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by Elixinol LLC | March 12, 2015 | 172 Comments

For someone who’s not familiar with this niche, it can be difficult to understand the differences between the various products obtained from marijuana or hemp, or to distinguish between hemp oil, CBD hemp oil and the same product obtained from medical marijuana. In the end, they all refer to the same plant, right?


Yes and no. These products are indeed obtained from the same source, but different parts of the marijuana plant are used for producing the oil, and this is why the final products have different characteristics and effects.


CBD oil is a dietary supplement and an excellent source of nutrients that can be safely consumed by kids and adults as part of their daily diet. Unlike “cannabis oil” (generally referring to high THC oil), CBD hemp oil is legal, and is not psychoactive, meaning that it does not cause one to “get high”. Responsible for this “getting high” effect is THC, a compound that is naturally found in the cannabis plant, but is not included in CBD Hemp oils above .3%. CBD is thought to counteract the effects of THC, so it is not used for recreational purposes.


Then why is this oil beneficial for? If it’s not the same with medical marijuana and is different from both THC-rich cannabis oil and hempseed cooking oil, what is CBD oil used for?


Applications of non-psychoactive CBD oil


A study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology points out the numerous therapeutic properties of CBD oil, showing that this product can act as a natural aid in a series of conditions. According to the aforementioned study, cannabidiol, which is the main ingredient in Elixinol as well, has shown anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties in a number of experimental models, as well as antiemetic (reduces nausea and prevents vomiting), anti-depressant and antipsychotic properties.


But what about people who don’t suffer from inflammatory disorders, don’t experience anxiety or depression episodes on a regular basis and aren’t affected by neurodegenerative disorders? Can they still benefit from using CBD hemp oil? The answer is yes, and here’s why!


1 CBD oil acts as a natural pain killer


Oil obtained from hemp that is rich in cannabinoids can act as a natural pain killer, several studies showing that CBD activates the same brain areas as opioids, exerting an analgesic effect.


The endocannabinoid system is known to play an important role in the control of synaptic transmission in pain pathways, so by activating this system, cannabinoids act as neuromodulators for a series of physiological processes among which pain-sensation. Moreover, studies suggest that through its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil can reduce the pain in arthritis.


2 Cannabidiol-rich oil is a neuroprotective agent


Thanks to its anti-oxidant effects, CBD oil can act as a natural neuroprotective agent that reduces oxidative stress and prevents neurodegradation, as well as oxidation-associated diseases like Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, gastric ulcers or CNS disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease).


Studies have shown that CBD inhibits the production of glutamate, attenuating its toxicity, protecting brain cells and reducing the risk of ischemic damage.


3 CBD oil is beneficial for skin


A recently published study showed that cannabidiol-rich oil has anti-inflammatory effects and can inhibit the production of sebum, being a potential solution for people struggling to keep acne outbreaks under control. According to researchers at the Department of Physiology, Medical and Health Science Center, University of Debrecen (Hungary), the oil obtained from hemp plants inhibits the production of sebocytes and exerts antiproliferative effects, while reducing inflammation.


All these findings are encouraging, as they show that besides delivering significant amounts of nutrients, CBD oil can be a powerful aid in various health conditions.


August 24, 2018


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Sanford Feldt
June 12, 2018

Sanford Feldt

Ive realized that everytime im dry i have a hanquering want to smoke more cigarettes. But when i got weeds for example, its literally the exact opposite effect, basically.
Has anyone else had this type of experience? Or even researched this topic? I have heard about people actually quitting by substituting it w/ bud. Interesting to me.
I’ve been having trouble myself trying to quit smoking cigars. I tried searching for other alternatives like vaping but after a month i came back to cigarettes. I was so desperate to quit and avoid nicotine but then i came across this article that says marijuana can help you quit smoking cigarettes and turns out, CBD can help after all.CBD can remove positively associated smoking memories from the brain, making it easier for the user to quit altogether. Can someone give me more information or any tips? Thanks

Rocky Nelson
May 12, 2018

Rocky Nelson

When I recieved an unsolicited offer from AVIDHEMP.COM of 50% off a vial of CBD oil containing 1000 mg of cbd-tincture, I was delighted but somewhat suspicious. Web scam warnings are frequent, a deal “too good to be true” often is. I went to their web site and Facebook page and saw that were professionally made, with tabs for “testing results”, “reviews” , “gaurantees”, and good descriptions of their products. The first thing that I noticed was their reviews all seemed written by the same person(s),, similar grammar, syntax, vocabulary, etc.. I have a degree in teaching English, so I notice these things. Next, I went to the area that showed their lab tested results. But, the only test showing was basically non-informative.. it didn’t show the product tested or the amount of cbd in the sample, nor the purity, just that there was CBD in the sample.

I next went online to see what I could find out about AVIDHEMP. Unfortunately, there is NO information from any third party. There are no reviews, positive or negative. No one knows anything about them and I did an extensive search. All I knew I got from their web site. They are a company doing business in Florida , selling a Florida product.

Willing to give it a try because of the savings, a $50 dollar 30 ml-1000mg tincture of pure CBD oil, I bought a bottle.
It took a long time to arrive, and my queries to their service center got no quick reply. The bottle finally arrived and It did seem to have CBD oil in it, as I slept well after taking it. However, I took the bottle to an independent lab that does marijuana testing for the State of Arizona. The results showed that the 1000mg bottle ONLY CONTAINED 700 milligrams of CBD tincture. I did not test for pesticides, etc, too costly.

I also checked my credit card company and discovered that this Florida company used a FOREIGN BANK to process its transactions… therefor I was charged a “foreign transaction charge” of $1.50.

So, I warn you about a Florida company advertising a crazy discount, for a product that does not have the advertised abount of CBD in it, which no third party reviewer has ever heard of, and which uses an offshore bank to process your Visa transactions..

Rocky Nelson
Mesa, Arizona 85201
May, 2018

April 05, 2018


There are many benefits for CBD oil. A person should take CBD oil on only doctor recommendation. Thanks!

Vicki Urban
March 20, 2018

Vicki Urban

Does this CBD Oil help with diabetes?

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