About Us

D&G Health are the preferred US distributors of Elixinol™.  Founded by David Newman and Gabriel & Francine Ettenson, D&G Health combines a collective experience of over 20 years in western medicine and alternative medicine.


With one foot firmly rooted in science and the other "outside the box", we strive to highlight new products that harness the power of nature while also maintaining its purity and natural design.
While we appreciate the great benefits western medicine offers to the world, we believe the future depends on its partnership with Mother Nature.  Our mission is to assist in this "natural" evolution by offering the best products on the market.


In a collaborative effort with world-renowned Hemp expert Paul Benhaim and 4th generation Northern European organic farmers, D&G Health are proud to introduce you to Elixinol™, the best CBD choice.







 Please feel free to CONTACT US with any inquiries.